DMV Subpoena and Lawsuit Serving Processes

Legal authority for DMV to accept service is provided in California Vehicle Code section 24.5 .

How to Serve The DMV?

Sacramento Process Server Lance Casey who is also a California Private Investigator states “We serve subpoenas and lawsuit papers to the California Department of Motor Vehicles Legal Affairs Division, Legal Office, Third Floor, 2415 First Avenue, Sacramento, CA  95818. Follow the instructions below to serve the DMV."

  1. Complete the online form below, or Email your documents with instructions to, or fax your documents with instructions to (916) 244-2636.
  2. Pay for the process service via the form below, or you will be contacted either via phone or email to obtain payment.  The fee to serve the DMV is $150 for routine process service.
  3. We will serve a copy of your DMV subpoena or lawsuit paper to the DMV Legal Affairs Division.  We will complete a proof of service form and email you a copy. The original proof of service form will be mailed to you.


Complete the form below.  You can call (800) 683-4769 if you have any questions.

DMV Service of Process Order Form

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Please provide the total number of pages of your documents. The price includes 20 pages. Each page over 20 costs $0.20 per page.
List of documents being served(Required)
List each document being served. The items listed here will be used to complete the proof of service form. Example: Summons, Complaint, Civil Case Cover Sheet.
Court Address(Required)
Client/Firm Address(Required)
List the clients/firms address. This will be used to complete the proof of service form.
Documents Being Sent Via:(Required)
Max. file size: 128 MB.
Upload file here. You can email your file to or fax to (916) 244-2636.

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All subpoenas, including those for the reproduction (copies) of departmental records, shall be served upon the Director or his/her appointed representatives at the above specified address.

Service will not be accepted at a DMV field office.


Can I obtain residence address for process serving purposes and small claim actions?

No. California law does not authorize release of residence address for these purposes.  Since I am a Licensed California Private Investigator, I can help you locate a residence address for process serving.  Order Skip Trace Search to locate their address.

I was in a reportable accident. How do I get information on the other party?

Each driver involved in an accident that caused more than $1,000 ($750 for accidents prior to January 1, 2017) worth of property damage or injured or killed any person must complete a Traffic Accident Report form SR1 (PDF) to DMV within 10 days. You may obtain information about the other driver from the accident report that he or she submitted.

To request this information, complete a Financial Responsibility Document Request (SR 19C) and mail it to:

Department of Motor Vehicles

Financial Responsibility Unit

P.O. Box 942884

Sacramento, California 94284-0884.

Also available are the other driver's insurance information and a photocopy of the accident report and/or certification that the other driver in the accident was not insured (Uninsured Motorist Certificate). A $20 fee is required for each type of information requested.